About This Apochromatic Refracting Telescope

  • Versatile triplet apochromatic refractor telescope featuring ED (extra-low dispersion) glass for exceptional resolution devoid of aberrations
  • Fast f/6 focal ratio and 80mm aperture refractor excels in both visual and astrophotography applications
  • Lightweight yet strong carbon fiber tube optical tube assembly construction makes this a great telescope to look at and through
  • Wonderful telescope for astrophotography thanks to its small size and weight coupled with great wide-field apochromatic optics
  • Includes robust dual-speed (11:1) 2″ Crayford focuser, 2″-to-1.25″ stepdown adapter, dovetail finder scope base, Starry Night astronomy software and foam-lined hard carry case


I got this a few months ago and just haven’t put it down. Very easy to use, nice wide wide field (so careful what you look at cos lots of things end up pretty teeny!) I take photos with it and a flattener is a desirable addition (I got the Orion 8893 which is “for” it.)

The focuser is very sturdy – handles my camera easily. Good strong focus lock that shifts the image *juuuuust* a little bit, but doesn’t alter the focus no matter how hard you mash it down.

The dew shield is impressive; I hardly ever have to use my dew zapper.

The little “shoe” that holds it to the mount is adequate for visual and probably for photo as well, but it’s really dippy. I put rings on it (you buy the ones for the 90mm scopes) and the rings overwhelm the poor little thing. It *is* a tiny scope after all and gets overwhelmed by all that hardware. But it works with the rings and rail and I’m glad I set it up that way.

Its size contributes to its “limitations.” So, the back end of the scope, the focuser, can rotate 360 degrees if you loosen a thumb screw, which is really really convenient. But put rings on, stuff it on to a mount and now your focus knobs will bump into things if you rotate the focuser. It’s faintly inconvenient, nothing more.

Overall I absolutely love the thing and am glad I made the upgrade. The only setback is the price but everything else of this style and quality is about the same price and you actually get an awful lot of telescope and optics and bells and whistles for the price.